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Attribute of Higher Torque AC Little Electric Motor With Brake : 


Substantial Torque AC Little Electric powered Motor With Brake Principal functions:

  • Torque : 20 – 18.five hundred Nm
  • Output Speeds: .3 – 450 RPM
  • Functional set up opportunities
  • Fully enclosed, sealed towards dust and h2o spray
  • Lubrication alter first right after 15000 hours
  • Reduced noise gearing
  • Mains relationship one hundred ten – 690V, fifty/60Hz
  • Enclosure IP65 (Standard), IP66 (Optional)
  • Link Regular with CAGE CLAMP
  • Large Torque AC Little Electrical Motor With BrakeHelical gear motor Extra functions: 

    Connecting with Plug connectors. 
    With integrated inverter up to 7,5 kW.

  • DNV- ISO9001, SGS, CE


Application : 

Juicer Equipment, For poultry farm gear, Parking and many others.



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SGR gearbox use regular wooden situation for each gear motor device.


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In accordance to Consumer prerequisite , we delivery goods by diverse transport, Sea transport, Air Transportation / Express or Truck transportation and many others.

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With all our routines DNV-ISO 9001, SGS -certified, we stand for prime-high quality support. Entrusting your gearboxes to the treatment of our Services.

Support safeguard your gearbox from use and grinding, CZPT gearbox converts torque reliably and effi­ciently.
We personalize our CZPT planetary gear models, double enveloping worm gearbox, helical equipment motor, modular layout helical equipment unit , worm gearbox, cycloidal gearbox etc to fit your software and fulfill your wants. 

These attributes empower a reliable and safe provider lifestyle of over two hundred 000 operational hrs. 

Our clients have been positioning their trust in CZPT gear models given that 1997. Much more than 500 000 gear units of our gearbox are in use reliably all around the globe, in several circumstances under quite harsh conditions.


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ZheJiang CZPT Large Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.(formerly acknowledged as ZheJiang Excellent Wall Reducer Co., Ltd. ) (sgrgear)  has accrued abundant first developing & manufacturing encounter right after currently being launched in 1996. CZPT model planetary gear reducer has received hornor of “Science and Technologies Advancement Prize” awarded by the Nationwide Speed Reducer & Variator Market Affiliation.

We make planetary gear units, planar double-enveloping worm gear speed reducers (cone worm gear reducer), helical-bevel equipment motors, worm gear reducers, helical-worm equipment motors, helical gear motors and numerous other sorts of gear units. CZPT gear motors and gear units have offered satisfactory overall performance in various industrial applications, such as metallurgy, mineral, architecture, shipbuilding, petroleum mix, aviation space-flight, carry routing, textile mechanic, cement, prescription drugs, pumps, basic mechanic and other area.

With the gain of substantial good quality & competitive price tag, CZPT gear motor and gear models are widely welcomed in domestic industry and exported to Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, North The us and European international locations and many others.

With outstanding testing system, CZPT firm is usually retaining up with the most superior technological innovation in the globe. We have presently obtained DNV-ISO9001: 2008 certification,SGS,CE etc and a patent on CZPT branded gearbox. 

We have adopted advanced CAD and CIMS in layout & manufacture, which help our engineers develop 3 – 5 series of new successful goods every single year. All employees in revenue & service division are nicely skilled termly, thus you will be usually warmly welcomed and understood by our company.

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  • Q:  What is your business kind ?
  • A: CZPT is gearbox producer and Answers Service provider ,  we are professionals of planetary equipment reducer ,cone worm gearbox ,modular layout helical equipment motor , worm gearbox etc. A suited design will offer you to you according to your necessity , besides ,SGR also has proffessional technical crew unique in custom gearbox and gearbox mend .   
  • Q: How prolonged can you presented products guarantee Time period ?
  • A: Based on distinct gearbox varieties , 12-18 months .
  • Q: What is actually Certification your solution acquiry  ?
  • A: DNV-ISO9001:2008 ,SGS ,CE and so on. and new goods patent  .
  • Q: How several technical staff in your company  ? 
  • A: We have 10 engineers in our R&D Dep. , included 2 engineers who take pleasure in government ‘s allowance .
  • Q: Where is your business & how to join you  ?
  •     A: Our manufacturing unit located in No.879 ,JinLiu Rd, JinShan District , ZheJiang town ,China .  




US $200
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Application: Motor, Machinery
Function: Distribution Power, Change Drive Torque, Speed Reduction
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Single-Step


US$ 200/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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US $200
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Application: Motor, Machinery
Function: Distribution Power, Change Drive Torque, Speed Reduction
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Single-Step


US$ 200/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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The Basics of a Cyclone Gearbox

Besides being compact, cycloidal speed reducers also offer low backlash and high ratios. Because of the small size of the drive, they are ideal for applications where space is a problem.helical gearbox

Involute gear tooth profile

Almost all gears use an involute gear tooth profile. This profile has a single curve, which means that the gear teeth do not have to be aligned closely with each other. This profile is smooth and can be manufactured easily.
Cycloid gears have a combination of epicycloid and hypocycloid curves. This makes them stronger than involute gear teeth. However, they can be more expensive to manufacture. They also have larger reduction ratios. They transmit more power than involute gears. Cycloid gears can be found in clocks.
When designing a gear, you need to consider several factors. Some of these include the number of teeth, the tooth angle and the lubrication type. Having a gear tooth that is not perfectly aligned can result in transmission error, noise and vibration.
The tooth profile of an involute gear is usually considered the best. Because of this, it is used in a wide variety of gears. Some of the most common applications for this profile are power transmission gears. However, this profile is not the best for every application.
Cycloid gears require more complex manufacturing processes than involute gear teeth. This can cause a larger tooth cost. Cycloid gears are used for less noisy applications.
Cycloid gears also transmit more power than involute gears. This can cause problems if the radii change tangentially. However, the shape is more simple than involute gears. Involute gears can handle centre sifts better.
Cycloid gears are less susceptible to transmission error. Cycloid gears have a convex surface, which makes them stronger than involute teeth. Cycloid gears also have a larger reduction ratio than involute gears. Cycloid teeth do not interfere with the mating teeth. However, they have a smaller number of teeth than involute teeth.

Rotation on the inside of the reference pitch circle of the pins

Whether a cycloidal gearbox is designed for stationary or rotating applications, the fundamental law of gearing must be observed: The ratio of angular velocities must be constant. This requires the rotation on the inside of the reference pitch circle of the pins to be constant. This is achieved through a series of cycloidal teeth, which act like tiny levers to transmit motion.
A cycloidal disc has N lobes which are rotated by three lobes per rotation around N pins. The number of lobes on a cycloidal disc is a significant factor in determining the transmission ratio.
A cycloidal disc is driven by an eccentric input shaft which is mounted to an eccentric bearing within an output shaft. As the input shaft rotates, the cycloidal disc moves around the pins of the pin disc.
The drive pin rotates at a 40 deg angle while the cycloidal disc rotates on the inside of the reference pitch circle of pins. As the drive pin rotates, it will slow the output motion. This means that the output shaft will complete only three revolutions with the input shaft, as opposed to nine revolutions with the input shaft.
The number of teeth on a cycloidal disc must be small compared to the number of surrounding pins. The disc must also be constructed with an eccentric radius. This will determine the size of the hole which will be required for the pin to fit between the pins.
When the input shaft is turned, the cycloidal disc will rotate on the inside of the reference pitch circle of roller pins. This will then transmit motion to the output shaft. The output shaft is supported by two bearings in an output housing. This design has low wear and torsional stiffness.helical gearbox

Transmission ratio

Choosing the right transmission ratio of cycloidal gearbox isn’t always easy. You might need to know the size of your gearbox before you can make an educated choice. You may also need to refer to the product catalog for guidance. For example, CZPT gearboxes have some unique ratios.
A cycloidal gear reducer is a compact and high-speed torque transmission device that reverses the direction of angular movement of the follower shaft. It consists of an eccentric cam positioned inside a cycloidal disc. Pin rollers on the follower shaft fit into matching holes in the cycloidal disc. In the process, the pins slide around the holes, in response to wobbling motion. The cycloidal disc is also capable of engaging the internal teeth of a ring-gear housing.
A cycloidal gear reducer can be used in a wide variety of applications, including industrial automation, robotics and power transmissions on boats and cranes. A cycloidal gear reducer is ideally suited for heavy duty applications with large payloads. They require specialized manufacturing processes, and are often used in equipment with precise output and high efficiency.
The cycloidal gear reducer is a relatively simple structure, but it does require some special tools. Cycloid gear reducers are also used to transmit torque, which is one of the reasons they are so popular in automation. Using a cycloidal gear reducer is a good choice for applications that require higher efficiency and lower backlash. It is also a good choice for applications where size is a concern. Cycloid gears are also a good choice for applications where high speed and high torque are required.
The transmission ratio of cycloidal gearbox is probably the most important function of a gearbox. You need to know the size of your gearbox and the type of gears it contains in order to make the right choice.

Vibration reduction

Considering the unique dynamics of a cycloidal gearbox, vibration reduction measures are required for a smooth operation. These measures can also help with the detection of faults.
A cycloidal gearbox is a gearbox with an eccentric bearing that rotates the center of the gears. It shares torque load with five outer rollers at any given time. It can be applied in many applications. It is a relatively inexpensive asset. However, if it fails, it can have significant economic impacts.
A typical input/output gearbox consists of a ring plate and two cranks mounted on the input shaft. The ring plate rotates when the input shaft rotates. There are two bearings on the output shaft.
The ring plate is a major noise source because it is not balanced. The cycloidal gear also produces noise when it meshes with the ring plate. This noise is generated by structural resonance. Several studies have been performed to solve this problem.
However, there is not much documented work on the condition monitoring of cycloidal gearboxes. In this article, we will introduce modern techniques for vibration diagnostics.
A cycloidal gearbox with a reduced reduction ratio has higher induced stresses in the cycloidal disc. In this case, the size of the output hole is larger and more material is removed from the cycloidal disc. This increase in the disc’s stresses leads to higher vibration amplitudes.
The load distribution along the width of the gear is an important design criterion. Using different gear profiles can help to optimize the transmission of torque. The contact stress of the cycloidal disc can also be investigated.
To determine the amplitude of the noise, the frequency of the gear mesh is multiplied by the shaft rate. If the RPM is relatively stable, the frequency can be used as a measure of magnitude. However, this is only accurate at close to failure.helical gearbox

Comparison with planetary gearboxes

Several differences exist between cycloidal gearboxes and planetary gearboxes. They are related to gear geometry and manufacturing processes. Among them, there are:
– The output shaft of a cycloidal gearbox has a larger torque than the input shaft. The rotational speed of the output shaft is lower than the input shaft.
– The cycloid gear disc rotates at variable velocity, while the planetary gear has a fixed speed. Consequently, the cycloid disc and output flange transmission accuracy is lower than that of the planetary gears.
– The cycloidal gearbox has a larger gripping area than the planetary gear. This is an advantage of the cycloidal gearbox in that it can handle larger loads.
– The cycloid profile has a significant impact on the quality of contact meshing between the tooth surfaces. The width of the contact ellipses increases by 90%. This is a result of the elimination of undercuts of the lobes. In this way, the contact force on the cycloid disc is decreased significantly.
– The cycloid drive has lower backlash and high torsional stiffness. This allows a cycloidal drive to be more stable against shock loads. The cycloid drive is also a compact design, which is ideally suited for applications with large transmission ratios.
– The output hub of the cycloid gearbox has movable pins and rollers. These components are attached to the ring gear in the outer gearbox. The output shaft is also turned by the planet carrier. The output hub of the cycloid system is composed of two parts: the ring gear and the output flange.
– The input shaft of a cycloidal gearbox is connected to a servomotor. The input shaft is a cylindrical element that is fixed to the planet carrier.
China Cast Iron Suspended Cranes Inline Helical Gearbox     cycloidal gearbox lubricationChina Cast Iron Suspended Cranes Inline Helical Gearbox     cycloidal gearbox lubrication
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