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We can source a complete-assortment of electrical power transmission goods like chains, sprockets and plate wheels, pulleys, gearboxes, motors, couplings, gears and racks. we offer a single-quit solution for the buy of mechanical electricity transmission items in China. In this way, our items have continued to obtain market place acceptance and customers gratification more than the previous couple of many years. Gantry Cranes provide an economical answer to bridge cranes when the creating is insufficient to assistance a bridge crane or the crane program is to be situated outdoor. A box girEPTTgantry crane is a gantry crane that uEPTTzes a quotbox quot configuration in fabricating the girder. This box girEPTTdesign incorporates a four-sided box with a operating surface area plate for the hoist trolley attached to the base of the box. The benefit of the box girEPTTis that it possesses better loading abilities and is able to span higher bridge distances. The crane is EPTTly uEPTTzed in pairs with the hoisting mechanism operating on rails hooked up to the leading of each and every box girder.

Shipyard goliath crane is employed for building vessels for shipyard firm. As 1 type of gantry cranes, it has wide variety of usage.
The capability, span, peak, touring and hoisting velocity, doing work classification and use and many others. Basic particulars should be supplied.

Gantry/Portal/Goliath cranes are broadly utilised in the pursuing apps:
1. Precast yards
two. Shipbuilding
three. Container EPT
4. Construction websites
five. Marble / Granite Market
6. EPTT Maintenance
7. Bridge Building internet sites
eight. Street Design Websites
nine. Inventory yards
ten. Scrap yards
11. Railway yards

Design and style characteristics incEPTT:

1. Main girder:
Is welded of steel plates, connected by high-power precision bolt. There are sliding rail for trolley to journey upper the girEPTTwhich is fixed on outrigger by higher-rigidity precision bolt
two. Outrigger
A). Consist of rigid outrigger and fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble outrigger, all connection details are connected by high-rigidity bolt
B). The ladEPTTis employed by operator to EPTTr into cab or arriving at winch
C). When the span gt30m, there want a fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble leg XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.g at reducing the lateral thrust the trolley has to the rail when the girEPTTload objects.
3. Travelling system

Consist of driving EPTT box and passive wheel box.
A). The driving EPTT box supplies EPTT to understand the crane’s travelling.
B). What the distinction in between driving EPTT box and passive wheel box is that passive wheel box lacks EPTT construction this kind of as dynamo, EPTT and a pair of uncovered EPTT
four. Trolley with hoist
Is created up of trolley body, winch and pulley block
A). Trolley body welded of metal plate is the loading and travelling system of trolley with hoisting
B). Winch is the lifting mechanism of trolley. When it functions, wire rope has an effect on the pulley as climbing and falling motion, which tends to make suspended objects lifting and decreasing
Warning: Wire ropes need to have to be exaEPTTd regularly and modified in time if there is a 10% damaged wires, loosen wires and sporting down.

five. Cab
A). Glass window by way of which 1 can watch overall working problem is set up in the entrance and two sides of the cab
B). Electric cabinet as a team of unbiased cabinet, fastened outside the house of taxi is connected by management cable and linkage station which is established up in the taxi
6. EPT system
A). EPTT motor, crane travelling motor and EPTT EPTT motor are incEPTTd. The EPTT EPTT method is controlled by PLC.
B). Two waEPTTto run the crane: Cab running and distant controlling.
C). Electric factors are EPTTed from SchneiEPTTin Germany
seven. Platform
System is put in in orEPTTto sustain the crane, the protecting guard is extra to protect the safety of servicemen.

EPTT Parameter for Shipbuilding Gantry Crane: QME80t/10t 50t/10t-32/32
Product Primary hoisting gadget one Main hoisting device two AuXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary hoisting device Item trolley traveling system 1 trolley traveling system two crane touring system
Potential (t) eighty 50 ten ten Raveling pace (m/min) nine.fifty five 9.fifty five 22.85
Functioning obligation EPTT crane: A4 every single gadget: M5 EPTT crane: A4 each and every device: M5 EPTT crane: A4 every single device: M5 Functioning obligation M5
Max EPTT Height(m) 32 32 32 Operating wind load (kgf/m2) 15
EPTT Speed (m/min) five 6.3 twelve.4-14.two EPTT provide 3P, AC, 380V, 50Hz
EPTT EPTT 3P, AC, 380V, 50Hz Rail sort P43 P43 P60
Wire rope dia. (mm)/ numerous 26-1670ZS-GB/2 occasions 6 26-1670ZS-GB/two moments four fifteen.five-1670ZS-GB/two times 2 Wheel tread dia. (mm) five hundred 400 600
Drum dia. (mm) 736/2582 736/1828 400/1052 Max. wheel load (kN) 258 166 265
EPTT Product YZR280M-eight YZR280S-six YZR200L-6 EPTT Design YZRE132M1-4 YZRE100L1-4 YZR160 M2-6
EPTT(Kw) 55 fifty five 22 EPTT(Kw) two.2 7.5
speed(r/min) 725 965 964 speed(r/min) 1410 1410 940
EPTTtity one one 2 EPTTtity 2 2 6
Equipment box Model ZSY-400-80VI ZSY-four hundred-90VI ZQ650-forty eight.fifty seven-I Equipment box Product SA/T97-231.sixty seven SA/T87-a hundred and eighty ZSC(A)600-77.five-1(2)
Gear ratio 80 90 forty eight.57 EPTT ratio 231.67 180 seventy seven.5
EPTTtity 1 1 two quantity two two 3
Brake Model YWZB400/45 YWZ400/forty five YWZ300/45 Brake Product YWZ200/25
Torque(N*m) a thousand one thousand 630 Torque(N*m) 50 30 two hundred
Pusher model YT1-45Z/six YT1-45Z/6 YT1-45Z/6 Pusher design YT1-25
EPTTtity two 1 two EPTTtity two 2 six

  in Hillah Iraq  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Shipyard Gantry Crane  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Hillah Iraq  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Shipyard Gantry Crane  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler